Should a 28 year old be scared of getting old?

The concept of ageing in UK always seems to be presented imbued with negativity. The discourse is one that is tantamount to failure. People fear getting old as they try to appear younger and combat effects of ageing. Scientists research how to stop ageing process in genes; electronic puzzle games are marketed towards older generations claiming to keep their minds young; people dye their grey hairs and some even go under the surgical knife to iron out the wrinkles in their skin. Policy and media are focused on the ‘problem’ of our ever ageing population and the strain this will cause our healthcare systems. Pensions have also become a hot topic as citizens are expected to work for longer and into their old age to help pay for the care they themselves will need as older people. As well as older people having the most complex healthcare needs, the media often portrays this group as the most vulnerable and as those whom are most likely to be neglected and subjected to poor quality healthcare.

Getting older as a UK citizen seems pretty grim …I’m moving to Japan.



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3 responses to “Should a 28 year old be scared of getting old?

  1. Ignore the media and meet some older people. I can’t help but think that they seem on the whole to be vibrant, youthful and fun loving. Letting go of worries over how they look or what they should say seems to make them freer and happier. I also think the grumpier ones tend to be the ones with ill health or in pain so I can’t blame them.
    Having said that getting dementia or many other age related illness’ is an entirely other matter and something I will do my best to avoid through diet and exercise – I hope it works because the other option is still outlawed!

  2. I remember discussing with a school pal how we were looking forward to being old ladies because it looked like a lot of fun (everyone would think that if they knew my Nan). A more balanced representation of healthy ageing or how older people contribute to society in the media would be nice!! 🙂

  3. mamaji

    But why Japan?!

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